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NGS Virtual Airways PERKS

NGS Virtual Airways is a newly founded virtual airline. Join us in our early days, be apart of a virtual airline that thrives to provide a great pilot experience above all. No check ride needed, we are welcoming to newer pilots still developing their skills. See you in the sky!

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An automatic system that keeps record of your pilot logbook

Thousands of pre-scheduled flight from airports in North and Central America, including Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and even more

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Landing Rate
NGS4 X9-1202 -103fpm
NGS4 X9-730 -219fpm
NGS4 X9-732 -169fpm
NGS4 X9-1310 -65fpm
NGS4 X9-48 -188fpm
NGS4 X9-1202 -329fpm
NGS4 X9-731 -290fpm
NGS4 X9-730 -231fpm
NGS4 X9-730 -609fpm
NGS4 X9-730 -487fpm